16th June 2024 
Homeopathic Consultation/Fees

The first appointment can last from 45 minutes to an hour and half and gives you the opportunity to talk about your complaint in detail. There is absolutely nothing daunting about the consultation and is quite straightforward. This is an opportunity for you to talk about your complaint so while I listen I will occasionally ask a question in order to clarify something you have said. I would also ask about your medical history and any medicines or supplements that you are taking. Anything you say will be treated in the strictest confidence. At the end of the consultation I will either give you the remedy(ies) to take with you or send them to you in the post.

A follow up visit will be usually three to four weeks after the initial consultation and follow-up visits thereafter are from four to eight weeks apart. The length of time for treatment depends on the chronicity of your illness. With some people it can take only two months and with others it may take longer. I can only assess this when I see how you respond to the remedies prescribed to you over time. If the patient understands the nature of the treatment then they can appreciate that getting better does take a little time.

First Consultation..............85 Follow-up visits..............60
(Includes cost of first prescription. Subsequent prescriptions will be charged 15)

Chiropractic Consultation/Fees

This will be shorter than the homeopathic consultation as we focus just on the patient's physical complaints. But like the homeopathic consultation I ask for their medical history (self and family), lifestyle and any medication they may be taking.

I will examine the patient using standard neurological and orthopaedic tests. The affected area will be examined thoroughly using palpation skills that I have acquired over many years whether it is your lower back or elbow joint. I will then explain the nature of the condition before I begin treatment with the use of gentle hand movements known as adjustments. If I feel I need more information I will ask for futher tests such as an x-ray, scan or blood tests.

I recommend a series of visits to enable the person to benefit most from the treatment. When the patient is satisfied with the treatment then we can discuss the possibility of long term care to prevent the problem from recurring.

First consultation.............60 Follow-up visits..............45

In both my homeopathy and chiropractic practice I impress on the patient that in order to benefit from the treatment a serious level of commitment is required however I do recognize that if I am not able to help you I will advise seeing another health practitioner.